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Eric was born on the 28th of Feb. 1973 in London, Ontario Canada. He was origenaly drafted by Quebac as nr 1 overall in the 1991 rookiedraft. Ha was trade to the Flyers in one of the biggest trades ever including Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall ect. He has never played in any other NHL teams then Flyers.
Erics has since the 92-93 season been one of the toppscorers in the NHL. In the 94-95 season Lindros was sent play with LeClair and Renberg together they became the feared "Legion of Doom"-line. With LeClair and Renberg he maneged to draw most points in the leauge with Jagr and won the Hart Trophy.
Althroug Lindros NHL caréer he's been hurt alot, he recently sofferd his 7th concussion.
I think with Lindros size, skil, thoghnessl and physical prsence he most be the best allroundplayer in the NHL today.